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Are you a creative writer with a passion for writing for all things home-related? Do you inspire to be an influencer in the home decor niche? Or are you simply looking for an avenue where you are able to share your ideas and content with thousands of readers worldwide, thus getting your name, brand or business in front of potentially millions of people?

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If you tick all of those boxes, you have certainly landed in the right place. Being one of the most reputed and credible sources of information for both new and veteran homeowners, littlehomeliving.com strives to publish the most interesting high quality content available online.

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This is why not just anyone can write for us. Even though we receive a large number of guest post requests, we are very particular about what we upload.

Attention to our specific guidelines is mandatory for consideration so make sure that you pay attention to the instructions before hitting that send button.

What Type Of Content Writers Are We Seeking?

If you have a passion for writing and are either a homeowner or have experience in the ‘home decor’ niche, we would like to hear from you. In some cases, even if you are not an expert in home decor or you are new to this niche, you can still contribute and be considered eligible so long as you follow the guidelines provided.

We do not pay for guest post content as of yet. Neither do we accept any blog posts from potential competitors.

What Is In It For You?

If you are not getting paid, why should you write for us? Well, the number one reason why you should write for us is the fact that littlehomeliving.com is a hugely popular website that has a large number of readers with a genuine interest in home decor, interior design, gift items, and home improvement products and associated ideas.

By writing guest posts for us, you are opening up many opportunities for yourself and your business. Not only is this a great way of promoting your work and expanding your target audience or reaching it, but it also helps with improving your SEO.

Let’s say you have a small handyman business and you are looking to expand your customer base. Writing an article about something related to the home decor niche and having it posted on a popular website like littlehomeliving.com is an inexpensive and highly effective way of building awareness and getting people interested in your work.

Guest posts are like signboards leading to your shop. The more signs that you have pointing to your place of business, the easier it is for potential customers to find you.

Engaging and high-quality guest posts like the ones posted on littlehomeliving.com result in improved SEO ratings for your business website as a result of high authority link building.

We know that writing quality content in the ‘home decor’ niche takes up precious time but based on the benefits that you receive in return, that time will always be well spent.

The Benefits Of Guest Posting

Let us quickly summarize the benefits of guest posting for your business.

  1. Increased traffic to your site or inline business
  2. Quality content that results in greater reader engagement which helps to generate better quality traffic
  3. Expands your target audience
  4. Leads to greater exposure
  5. Increased SEO ranking as a result of high authority backlinks
  6. Helps to build influence that generates a following of loyal customers and/or readers
  7. Exposes your online presence to a large number of people instantly and effectively
  8. Expands your personal network
  9. Increases exposure on social media platforms
  10. Accelerates lead generation

As mentioned above, there are many benefits of guest posting that are worth a lot more than just money.

If your desire is to have your business, name or the brand that is associated with your ‘home decor’ niche to be put in front of thousands of people that have a genuine interest or need for that product, then you should make your submission today and avail all these fantastic long-term benefits.

What Type Of Content Do We Accept? What Is Rejected?

It goes without saying that any content submitted for review should be 100% unique and error-free. Any articles that are flagged as having more than 10% of plagiarism or that have been spun will not be considered for our website.

The littlehomeliving.com also refrains from posting press releases and product comparison reports. Our goal is to provide genuine advice, help, and information to homeowners wanting to build their dream homes. We are not here to solicit our readers.

A great way of improving your chance of selection is to send a guest post opportunity pitch along with a copy of your article. This makes it a lot easier for our team to quickly evaluate whether the content matter is suitable for our readers or not.

What Type Of Topics Are We Looking To Cover?

Home decor is a broad category to say the least. There are many topics that fall within the particular niche that we are looking to cover. Some examples of topics include:

  • Home Decor DIY Ideas
  • Tips & Tricks To Save Money & Time
  • The Best Home Decor Product Reviews & Comparisons
  • How-To Guides
  • Latest Industry News & Updates

Our Detailed Guidelines

  1. Only topics related to the home decor and home improvement niche will be considered
  2. Articles are to be informational and not self-promotional
  3. Articles should be between 800 – 2000 words.
  4. Content must be unique and well-researched
  5. At least 1 image should be provided with the content
  6. Images and videos should be free of any copyright violations
  7. We do not accept backlinks to any of our competitors
  8. Any article should include an introduction, body and conclusion
  9. All relevant sources should be clearly cited
  10. The content should be tailored to be SEO friendly and easily readable

Submission Guidelines

  1. All formats are accepted including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Dropbox Papers etc. Make sure that you send in an editable copy
  2. Submissions can be made either via email to [email protected] or through our website
  3. Headings, sub-headings, lists, bullet points, and links should be provided
  4. We reserve the right to edit and format the article according to our guidelines
  5. Include an author bio with your home decor ‘write for us’ submission

Final Thoughts

We truly appreciate the time and effort behind each submission and strive to include as many requests as possible.

Due to the large volume of daily requests, it may take a while before your content is published on our website. When it does, we guarantee that it will be worth the wait!

We have on average a 3 day review time for submissions. Acceptance or rejection emails are sent once the review process is completed. If accepted, a publishing day will also be provided.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any content without having to provide reasons for the acceptance or denial.